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Experience the atmosphere from
The Future of Construction 2023
Photos from this years conference
Speakers at The Future of Construction
on September 5th 2023

Dan O. Vorsholt

Vice Chairman

Dan is the vice chairman of GSV’s Board of Directors and the former CEO of GSV. It is under his leadership that GSV began the targeted work to reduce CO2 emissions not only in GSV, but also at customers and partners, as well as in the industry as a whole. At ‘The Future of Construction,’ Dan will talk about his and GSV’s ambitions for the industry, including the initiatives GSV has already taken to become more green. He will also address the biggest challenges the Danish construction industry must face in order to emit less CO2 going forward.

Anne Skare Nielsen


Anne is a keen debater who will challenge the industry and audience at ‘The Future of Construction.’ Are we ready for the required changes that we must make in order to reach our goal? Anne will present some of the new international trends within green construction, and share her view of what it takes to change our mindsets and make more sustainable decisions in our everyday life and the future.

Jesper K. Jacobsen

CEO, Per Aarsleff A/S

Jesper is CEO at Per Aarsleff A/S — one of the biggest construction companies in Denmark. He has had a leading role in the Danish government’s climate partnership as a chairperson for the construction industry. Jesper will talk about his work with sustainability strategy, transformation, innovation, and engagement among employees and partners at ‘The Future of Construction.’ We will also learn which expectations and demands Per Aarsleff A/S meets from their customers in order to live up to their green ambitions.

Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup

Board member and author

Jeanette is the author of the book: ”Sustainable Leadership.” She will talk about the most important strategic work on a management and board level that is required in order to set sustainability and ESG on the agenda. A sustainable business model will be the condition to live up to the requirements for the future to appeal to talents and investors and remain a relevant partner.

Mikkel Hemmingsen

CEO, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

Sund & Bælt Holding A/S is one of Denmark’s largest building companies. Mikkel Hemmingsen is CEO at Sund & Bælt Holding A/S. He will share insights about the company’s ambitious sustainability strategy and goals for reducing CO2 emissions. He will also share his insights about biodiversity. He will also explain how Sund & Bælt Holding A/S uses digital tools to subsidize the green transition.

Lars Sandahl

CEO, Dansk Industri

Lars Sandahl is CEO at Dansk Industri. At ‘The Future of Construction’, he will talk about the sector's role in driving Danish society forward, also when it comes to the green transition. In order to realize the climate goals, companies are key to the solution. The real green change must come from businesses - also in the construction sector.
Presentations from
The Future of Construction 2023

Dan O. Vorsholt
Vice Chairman of GSV

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Jesper K. Jacobsen
CEO, Per Aarsleff

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Mikkel Hemmingsen
CEO, Sund & Bælt

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Debate Panel

Henrik Torp

Head of Retail Operations Denmark, Volvo

Robert Kjærgård

Director/Partner, Stemas

Simon Justesen

Head of Product EQ/E-tech, Ejner Hessel

Debate Panel

Christina Hvid

CEO, Molio

Claus Wilhelmsen

Environmental Planner, Københavns Kommune

Martin Manthorpe

Director Strategy, Sales & Business Development, NCC Danmark

Morten Alsdorf

Senior Director – Digital Transformation and Innovation, COWI

Peter Fangel Poulsen

Director and Partner, BAUHERR

Poul-Erik Olsen

Head of Sustainability, CG Jensen

We'll see you at The Future of 

Construction 2025

On September 5th, 2023, we gathered the building and construction industry for the third time at the Future of Construction conference.  

This time the conference was held at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen, where more than 600 decision-makers and specialists attended and joined forces to push the green transition of construction forward. The day included inspiring presentations, panel debates with industry stakeholders, and our partners showcased the latest electric and battery-powered machines.

"It was great to see so many people united around the green agenda in the industry. In the future, we need to share our knowledge even more across the industry, be inspired by each other and discuss which opportunities we have, to build and construct smarter in order to protect the climate," says Dan O. Vorsholt, Vice Chairman of GSV's Board of Directors.

At Future of Construction, we focused on the fact that all links in the value chain bear a responsibility in accelerating the green transition towards an emission-free world. The conference discussed important topics like digitalization, climate change, ESG, circular economy and new CO2 requirements, all of which are currently on the agenda of the green transition in the construction industry.

"Digitalization is important when we talk about the green transition. It is crucial for most companies to have an overview of their CO2 emissions, and we need to know our environmental data when we are constructing. At GSV, we have developed digital tools that create transparency about CO2 consumption when the machines are running on the sites. This is of utmost importance if we are to make a difference," Dan O. Vorsholt continues.

The Danish construction industry is recognized for being aware of its responsibility in developing a more sustainable Denmark of the future. More than 30 percent of CO2 emissions in Denmark come from the building and construction industry. Which is why it's important that we make the right decisions and stand together in the industry, and we're doing it again at the Future of Construction conference in 2025.

Experience the atmosphere from 

Construction from 2021

Photos from the conference in 2021
This year, The Future of Construction takes place at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen
Photos from the conference in 2019


The Future of Construction 2023

Niels Falk facilitates the day and the debates

  • 12.00 Arrival, lunch, networking and machines
  • 13.00 Dan O. Vorsholt, Vice Chairman, GSV Materieludlejning A/S
  • 13.20 Jesper K. Jacobsen, CEO, Per Aarsleff A/S
  • 13.40 Lars Sandahl, CEO, Dansk Industri
  • 14.00 Mikkel Hemmingsen, CEO, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S
  • 14.30 Break: Networking and machines
  • 15.00 Debate panel: Volvo, JMM Group and Ejner Hessel
  • 15.30 Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup, Board member and author
  • 16.00 Debate panel with Christina Hvid (Molio), Martin Manthorpe (NCC), Poul Erik Olsen (CG Jensen), Morten Alsdorf (COWI), Peter Fangel Poulsen (Bauherr) and Claus Wilhelmsen (KBH Kommune)
  • 16.30 Anne Skare Nielsen, Futurist
  • 17.00 Dan will initiate an evening of networking, where there’ll be a selection of refreshments served

Join us to set a greener course for the future